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Dorina Chocolate BARS

An exquisite combination of crispy wafer sheets and a variety of tasty creams offers a rich range of flavours, as a result of a long-lasting experience and tradition in wafer production. Kraš Napolitanke Wafers is the most famous product of this group, and has become a synonym for an entire category of wafer products over the years. The Napolitanke range is constantly extended with the launch of new flavours and convenient packaging.
They Includes:
  • Napolitanke Nougat Hazelnut Chocolate wafer 330g.
  • Napolitanke Cocoa and Milk wafer 200g
  • Napolitanke Integral Chocolate wafer 200g
  • Napolitanke Chocolate Cream wafer 200g

About fifteen flavours pose a real challenge to chocolate lovers but also offer a moment of happiness to all those who find it hard to steal a little time for a daily indulgence and relaxation. Therefore, just stop for the moment and treat yourself to this excellent mouthful of chocolate and choose to be happy as happiness is for all who choose the right things.

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